How Does the Stump Grinding and Removal Process Work?

How Does the Stump Grinding and Removal Process Work?

How Does The Stump Grinding and Removal Process Work?

Whenever a tree falls or gets removed from the property, a stump ALWAYS is left behind. These unsightly obstructions might look like a minor obstacle, but in reality, they pose a great deal of hazard to the outdoors.

Stump grinding is a specialized and effective process to get rid of these unwanted stumps without damaging the surrounding area.

But a question you might ask is: what’s so tricky about removing a stump?

First, to answer this question, let us first understand how the stump grinding and removal process works.


1. Area Inspection

The process begins with inspecting the area to ensure that it’s safe for work– i.e., to check if there is a solid footing for the stump grinder or any safety hazards around the work area, etc.

Our company’s inspector will take note of the dimensions, rocks, and debris that need to be cleared from the area and give you an estimate of how much the service would cost.

2. Preparing the Area

Before we start the work, the Branch Specialists stump grinding team will come to remove big obstacles, dig up any metal objects, and secure the utility lines (if there are any nearby). They will also trim the plants and grass to increase visibility. 

3. Safety Features

Stump grinders are hazardous machines. Every individual must wear safety gear like goggles, gloves, chainsaw safety pants, and sturdy work boots.

4. Trimming The Stump

Before using the grinder, the experienced stump removal team uses a solid chainsaw to trim and cut down the stump as close to the ground. Trimming helps reduce the work of the stump grinder, which speeds up the grinding process and makes the job much easier.

5. Grinding The Stump

Once everything is set, the tree removal team will bring the stump grinders, set the grinder wheel a few inches above the edge of the stump, start lowering the wheel and cutting into the stump. 

They will move the wheel back and forth and side to side to cut into the wood. And they will reposition and repeat the process to grind the stump section by section.

6. Grinding Below Grade

To ensure that there are no residuals left, you can plant flowers and other plants at the stump’s location. Our team will run the stump grinder 4 to 16 inches below the surface of the ground and remove the entire stump and its roots

Thereafter they will turn off the grinder and move it away from the stump area to make sure if the 

stump is completely removed or not.

7. Clean Up

After the grinding is done, we will inspect and then start cleaning the area. The team will rake, shovel, and gather all the wood chips and sawdust in one place. They will then use these wood chips to fill the hole, tamp it down and rake the area to get an even surface.

As you have chosen the best stump grinding company in Rochester NY, we will also prepare an organic mulch for you, which will reduce wastage and boost the overall health of your lawn.

And it’s Done…!

Your outdoors are ready! You can plant vegetable or flower seeds over the stump area and water them to restore your lawn and make it look more beautiful.

Now you know how it’s done – you can also opt for any other company than Branch Specialist Rochester. But we are not sure whether their equipment and knowledge will be enough to take down your stumps effortlessly. But you can surely use this knowledge to monitor and ensure that work is completed properly.

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James CraryJames Crary
20:05 06 Nov 23
They are priced right and fast. They seem to have the knowledge and tools to get the job done in a timely fashion without having to come back to finish the cleanup process.
Barbara TurnerBarbara Turner
18:56 28 Oct 23
Very good communication regarding weather and doing g the job. CleNed everything and hauled away..great price for trimming 3 trees...definitely recommend 👌 👍
Elvin GonzalezElvin Gonzalez
18:42 28 Oct 23
Quick service and fast response. Very easy to deal with. They removed all the dead branches and brambles that had infested the side of the house including the power lines connecting to it. Good Job!
Jason GuzikJason Guzik
00:24 25 Oct 23
I highly recommend Branch Specialists of Rochester. They did a wonderful job and are very professional. The work was done in 3 hours and they cleaned up nicely. Thank you guys.
G DiGovanniG DiGovanni
20:22 21 Oct 23
I had three 100 foot plus trees that needed to be taken down. The trees were in precarious positions leaning over the towpath of the Erie Canal next to telephone/ power lines and a shed and fence.I got estimates from 4 companies. 1 company didn’t want the job because of the placement of the trees The branch specialists crew came in on time, assessed the situation and took all three trees down without incident in one day. They stayed late into the darkness to make sure they had everything cleaned up. I will definitely use them again. Their equipment is state of the art the crew was professional and courteous. I highly recommend them.
Alice ShenAlice Shen
22:19 19 Oct 23
The first company I had response and schedule for estimate from the google listing "tree removal service." The estimated value makes sense compared to others and include removing the root without problem. Had to reschedule for the job due to the rain but it was informed early on during the day so very good communication. Then the job was done before the "rescheduled" time because they just take care of it when the weather is good. Felt they are reliable to get the job done. 5/5 stars!
Kevin KeatingKevin Keating
21:23 17 Oct 23
Fantastic communication and fantastic service. Took down a dead 50 foot oak in less than 30 minutes. The team was very responsive and flexible with the timing of the job. Thanks again!
Karthik NesanKarthik Nesan
01:12 18 Sep 23
We called lot of Tree service in rochester ny . Only Branch specialists Tree showed up and did great workUsed highly specialized lift with quality.Got to know that mike and his crew are fully insured and certified arborist in rochester ny
23:38 20 Aug 23
very professional, did an outstanding job for a competitive price.
Timothy RaineyTimothy Rainey
22:51 19 Aug 23
Karen RabinowitzKaren Rabinowitz
18:49 05 Aug 23
Great work! Professional and prompt service
16:59 02 Aug 23
Brian ScottBrian Scott
19:58 01 Aug 23
Did a great job
19:12 27 Jul 23
They excellent work, very pleased and very affordable. I would recommend them
Kristian BoothKristian Booth
15:33 27 Jul 23
Great experience from beginning to end. Quick response and competitive quote, showed up when they said they would and did a fantastic job removing two large pine trees from my front yard and cleaning everything up! Will certainly use again!
Islah WalkerIslah Walker
22:46 25 Jul 23
I am extremely satisfied with the work they have done. Communication was simple and straightforward. The service was completed is a timely manner, which I appreciate. My backyard looks bigger now. Great job, and I highly recommend their services.
Michael WeisbeckMichael Weisbeck
14:41 05 Jun 23
The team was great. They were able to assist in a short time period as I had a tree looking like it was going to fall. They worked very fast and cleaned up very well. Very happy with the service!
Nikon PiruNikon Piru
13:43 09 Mar 23
Best Tree removal company in Rochester ny. Sam and his crew used high quality equipment as bobcat , cmc spider lift