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Land Clearing

Best Land Clearing Service in Rochester NY – Do you have a property that you want to put into use? Are you planning to build structures on your land? But the area is filled with debris, giant stones, tree stumps, and dead trees. You have to get rid of them first. We will help you. We will remove anything that is causing trouble to set up a structure on your property. We will remove the trees, shrubs, weeds, and bushes.

We will also remove the stumps with roots deeply fixed into the soil. The removal process will lead to holes in the ground. But don’t worry, we will fix them up as well. Our professionals will even out the ground surface, thereby preparing the area for construction purposes. So, call us if you have land that needs clearing because we provide the best land clearing services in Rochester, NY.

Why Are We the Best Land Clearing Company In Rochester NY

We are the best because of the way we care for your land, no one else does. We are sure that you have tried many land clearing companies before and have been disappointed with their services. Hence, now you are in a quest of finding out the best land clearing service provider in Rochester, NY. We don’t want to be boastful, but our customer feedback and ratings prove how well we serve our clients.

Land clearing needs can be of several kinds. You may need it for a new make-over of your property. You may also need it as you have a land development project coming up.

You have a factory and you may need to expand it. Requirements may vary, but the assistance that you’ll need in all these cases is the best land clearing Rochester, NY. We provide the best kind of this service not only because we have the right equipment, and the best professionals, but because we take care of making our clients happy and content. We clear the land in the quickest possible way and dispose of the debris when the work is done. Thus, we ensure clean land with zero dirt on it.

Trust us when it comes to the fastest land clearing service needs. We are the most effective and affordable land clearing company in Rochester, NY.

Our Strengths as the best land clearing company in Rochester NY:
  • Quick Response
  • Professional Service
  • Land Clearing Experts
  • Affordable & Effective
  • Precautionary Service
  • Perfectly Clean-like-new Land
  • Fastest Land Clearing
  • On-time Completion
How You Can Get The Best Land Clearing Service From The Experts Of Branch Specialists Tree Service Rochester NY

The process is simple.

You need to dial us and tell us your land clearance requirements. As we come to know about your requirements in detail, we book a free on-site visit slot for you. Why? Because we want our professionals to go and visit the property that needs to be cleared off to understand how vast the project is, what equipment will be needed, and what kind of workforce they should have.

Once they are done with understanding the project volume, we book the service date with you and reach your land on time to finish off the task right within the stipulated timeline.

We don‘t keep you waiting for the job to get finished. Rather we complete before time and surprise you with a brand new clean land.

Call us today and hire us to experience the best land clearing service in Rochester NY  at the most affordable rate. We are also offering Best Tree Service in Rochester NY including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, and more at an affordable cost.  Get in touch with us today!


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01. Are you in need of professional tree trimming services for your property in Rochester NY?

Yes! Branch Specialists Rochester NY is ready to help with all your tree trimming needs. We offer the most up-to-date and safest approach depending on the species, location, age, and size of your trees. We can also provide emergency tree services when needed. Our reliable team of professionals will evaluate, provide suggestions and implementation of the best methods to safely maintain your property. Let us take care of all your tree trimming needs in Rochester NY!

02. Do you require efficient and safe tree removal solutions for trees that pose a risk to your property or safety?

Absolutely! Our aim is to help you keep your property safe. We use specialized techniques and the latest advanced equipment to ensure a high-quality removal process, while also meeting all safety requirements. Our team of arborists and certified tree specialists can assist with any tree removal needs while providing efficient solutions that meet your needs.

03. Are you dealing with unsightly stumps on your land? Would you like them removed through our stump grinding service?

Yes, we offer professional stump grinding services for all types of stumps. Our Rochester NY team can help you quickly and efficiently get rid of those unsightly stumps on your property. We have the right tools and knowledge to make the job easy and hassle-free. Give us a call today to get started!

04. Have you encountered an emergency involving trees, such as fallen or damaged trees due to severe weather? Is prompt assistance required?

Absolutely! Safety is our utmost priority, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency tree service. Our experienced arborists can handle any tree situation, even in the worst weather. We specialize in providing prompt assistance and are well-equipped to handle fallen or damaged trees. We can be at your property in a matter of hours so you can rest assured that your tree emergency will be taken care of promptly and safely.

05. Are you planning a construction project or landscaping makeover and need expert land clearing services to prepare the area efficiently?

Yes! Our land clearing services are top-notch and can help you get the job done quickly. We use the best available equipment, and our experienced professionals will ensure that your space is ready for its desired use in no time. So, get in touch with us today and let us know what we can do to help you prepare your area efficiently!

06. Do you want reliable and experienced professionals who can address all these tree-related needs for anyone in Rochester NY?

Absolutely! Our certified arborists have years of experience in providing reliable tree-related services for anyone in Rochester, NY. We are skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, emergency tree service and land clearing services. We make sure that you can trust us to get the job done right the first time. With us on your team, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected problems or accidents involving trees in your area.

23:38 20 Aug 23
very professional, did an outstanding job for a competitive price.
Timothy RaineyTimothy Rainey
22:51 19 Aug 23
Karen RabinowitzKaren Rabinowitz
18:49 05 Aug 23
Great work! Professional and prompt service
16:59 02 Aug 23
Brian ScottBrian Scott
19:58 01 Aug 23
Did a great job
19:12 27 Jul 23
They excellent work, very pleased and very affordable. I would recommend them
Kristian BoothKristian Booth
15:33 27 Jul 23
Great experience from beginning to end. Quick response and competitive quote, showed up when they said they would and did a fantastic job removing two large pine trees from my front yard and cleaning everything up! Will certainly use again!
Islah WalkerIslah Walker
22:46 25 Jul 23
I am extremely satisfied with the work they have done. Communication was simple and straightforward. The service was completed is a timely manner, which I appreciate. My backyard looks bigger now. Great job, and I highly recommend their services.
Michael WeisbeckMichael Weisbeck
14:41 05 Jun 23
The team was great. They were able to assist in a short time period as I had a tree looking like it was going to fall. They worked very fast and cleaned up very well. Very happy with the service!
Nikon PiruNikon Piru
13:43 09 Mar 23
Best Tree removal company in Rochester ny. Sam and his crew used high quality equipment as bobcat , cmc spider lift