You are currently viewing 6 Important Questions You Must Ask Your Shortlisted Tree Removal Companies

6 Important Questions You Must Ask Your Shortlisted Tree Removal Companies

6 Important Questions You Must Ask Your Shortlisted Tree Removal Companies

Are you searching for the best tree removal services in Rochester NY? With more than 200,000 tree care companies in NY, the choices can be overwhelming for homeowners.  You need to ask the right questions to figure out which company will be best for your greens.

Below, we have 6 quintessential questions to ask a tree removal service before hiring. Check them out and make sure to use them for your next tree removal project.

👇6 Queries To Ask A Tree Removal Service 
 Do You Have References?

We recommend starting the inspection by looking at the company’s references. Ask them where you can read their client reviews. This will help you decide whether the tree removal service is reputable or not.

 How many experiences Do You Have?

Followed by the first question, ask the tree removal company how many years they have been in the industry. This will help you analyze the expertise and experience of the tree removal service for your job.

“New” companies might not be the best fit, especially if the tree removal job seems complicated. But this may not always be the case. Some young companies have more expert arborists than age-old ones.

Additionally, ask specific questions related to your job. A truly experienced service has seen and done all sorts of tree removal jobs. They will be able to resolve your issues and complications easily. 

 Do You Have Licenses And Insurance?

The next clear indicator of the tree removal service’s legitimacy is its license and insurance. If the company has both, rest assured that your property and trees are in safe hands. This is so vital as many things can go wrong while removing trees. You can even ask to have a look at their policies. 

 Can I Get The Price Estimate?

It’s important to know whether your shortlisted company offers a detailed price estimate. This way, you can plan your budget precisely. 

Besides, by getting the cost estimate, you can compare it with other companies too. Make sure you’re getting a good offer and a fair ratio of price and quality. Watch out for red flags. For instance – if the prices are too low (and company promises are too good to be true), it means that the tree removal service lacks adequate experience,

 How Will You Conduct The Job?

Next, you need to get a clear picture of the company’s methods and work ethics. For this, ask them a simple but precise question – “How do you plan to do the job?”. 

An experienced tree removal service can answer this question confidently. They can explain in detail how the company will approach your task. If the professional hesitates to answer this question, cut their name from your shortlisted companies.

 How Long Will The Work Take?

The last good pointer of a dependable company is to ask them how long it will take to complete the project. If they provide you with any kind of estimated time, well and good. But in case the company has no clear answers, this is surely a major red flag situation. This implies that they have no experience (as they advertise). We advise you to run away from them and go for genuine and professional tree service in Rochester.

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