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Tips to Restore Your Yard After Stump Grinding and Removal

Tips to Restore Your Yard After Stump Grinding and Removal

Tips to Restore Your Yard After Stump Grinding and Removal

Trees are an essential part of landscape designs. While many trees last for decades, there are certain situations where you would need to remove them. And while you might be able to carefully cut them down, releasing their stumps can leave a big mess behind.

Fortunately, a professional tree removal and stump grinding company might help you reduce the damage and disturbance to your precious outdoors. However, you’ll still need to put in some effort to restore your lawn to its previous glory, especially after stump grinding.

Here are some easy tips from the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY that can help you revamp your yard after stump removal.

Restore the Soil and Grass

First, ensure the hollowed stump hole is filled correctly and covered with soil. Then start preparing the ground to encourage plant and grass growth. You can also get some quality lawn soil to guarantee that the grass grows quickly and looks greener.

After the ground is set, apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and cover it with topsoil, followed by a layer of compost. Mix all the layers with a hand tiller, and then leave your ground for a little while to settle and blend the area with the rest of the lawn.

Lastly, sprinkle some grass seeds on top and then deeply water the area. You will need to water the space every day to prevent it from drying out.

Build a Flower Bed

One of the most brilliant ways to refurbish your yard after stump grinding is to cover it with a flower bed. Flowers don’t have deep roots like trees. Hence the left-out roots won’t hinder your flowers.

So let your creative self out, plan out the shape and type of flowers you want and start designing your yard with some beautiful and fragrant flora.

Important Tip: 

Before you go out and get supplies, prepare the flower-bed space carefully by

  • Removing excess wood chips and grass from the flower area
  • Raking the land
  • Building an edge
  • Pouring some compost and topsoil over the site

Create a Water Feature or Stone Path

Now that the tree and its stump are gone, you can build any new features on the cleared land. The most preferred choices are a stone walkway and an appealing water feature.

While you may be tempted to make this one a “DIY” project, trust us, it will be more beneficial for you if you hire a professional landscaping company for this. Contact our team, and we will help you find the right company that provides the same quality in landscaping services as Branch Specialists provide in tree services.