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9 Vital Signs You Need Urgent Tree Care Assistance

9 Vital Signs You Need Urgent Tree Care Assistance

Trees do a lot of good for us! They must also be taken care of properly for you to reap their benefit throughout the years. 

But what shall you do if one of your spring trees looks less healthy than the others? Do you call the tree care services and undertake some tree trimming? Or shall you call the best tree removal services in Rochester NY to take it down? Here are some signs that indicate you hire professional tree removal services.

When Should You Call The Tree Care Services?
1. Signs And Symptoms Of Diseases

When you are out on your property, take a closer look at your trees. Look if any of them looks diseased and dying. Infected trees have unusual growth patterns, spotted leaves, or some other damaged signs. 

Anytime you find any trees showing any pointers ailments, contact a tree care company immediately.

2. Overhanging Limbs

Tree branches grow higher and broader during their growth process. At times, they even spread up over the house roofline. These branches can fall off any minute and cause irreparable damage during a major windstorm.

 If you have tree boughs growing near the house, take care of it before it turns into an emergency.

3. Unusually Leaning Tree

If you notice that one of your trees is strangely leaning over to a particular side, this is a danger indicator. You might need to immediately call the tree care service to deal with it. Such tree leans could imply that your tree is at the risk of falling.

4. Small Branches Emerging From Tree Trunk

Do you notice a tree limb or sprout emerging out of the trunk? This is usually an indicator of severe tree stress. There might be something very wrong with your tree.

5. Large Dead Limbs

Tree branches with dead leaves or missing bark are major red flags. They must be eliminated immediately. Get the tree inspected by an arborist tree care. The tree may be structurally unsound requiring its complete removal.

6. Decaying And Damaged Roots

The tree’s root system is a vital indicator of its health. If your tree roots are damaged or are decaying, then you must immediately call in the best tree removal services in Rochester NY. The root damage could make the tree fall at any moment, especially during winds or storms.

7. Compromised Trunk

The most common indicator of a damaged tree trunk is –

 Huge pieces of missing bark

 Cavities or cracks in the trunk

These are both strong signs that the tree is no longer structurally robust. A certified arborist can check the cavity to determine whether it is too severe for tree removal. Or a minor trimming session can heal and repair the tree trunk.

8. Hollow Tree

If the trunk has become hollow, the tree must be removed immediately. Its strength has been severely compromised and weakened, presenting a fall hazard. 

9. Severe Damage

If more than 50 percent of your tree is damaged, it is surely a hazard. It potentially needs to be taken down by the tree care services.

Contact Branch Specialists Rochester If You Notice Any Of These Unusual Signs

Trees have a natural lifespan. As they age, they become too unsafe or old to be kept on your property. If you notice any of these strange signs with your trees, call Branch Specialists Rochester as soon as possible. Our fully insured and licensed will diagnose your tree’s health and take it down safely, if necessary.

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