Essential Basics To Know Before Hiring a Tree Pruning Service

Essential Basics To Know Before Hiring a Tree Pruning Service

Almost all of us are worried about our trees at some point. Whether for growth, shape, infestations or disease or to avoid becoming a threat to others – the anxiety is common. 

But, you need not worry about such happenings with the best tree services in Rochester, Branch Specialists. We have been offering professional tree pruning service across Rochester for many years. Here, we have compiled some useful information to assist you in pruning your trees appropriately and enhancing their safety.

Why do you need pruning?

Before you even take up your pruning tools, consider why you need a tree pruning service and what you hope to achieve. For instance, if you want to:

 change the tree’s shape or overall size

 enhance tree health

 remove broken or possibly hazardous branches

 add additional blossoms or fruit

 encourage new growth

 create a view

Then, pruning is what your trees need!

Yet not sure why you’re going to prune? 

Instead of presuming a tree needs pruning, consult one of our certified arborists at Branch Specialists  We can examine your tree and advise you on what needs to be done to suit your requirements. 

What types of pruning can you choose from?

Removal, reduction, and heading are the three most common pruning cuts. Each pruning type has a purpose and a consequence, and each one must be carefully considered. They are as follows: 

 The removal cut removes an entire branch from its branch collar or base, allowing the crown of the tree to open out.

 The reduction cut guides future growth by shortening a primary branch back to a juncture with a shorter, lateral branch.

 The heading cut reduces the length of the main branch to a point between stems and branches. It is usually only used as a last resort or in very specific circumstances. Two of the most harmful practices inflicted on trees are heading cuts and “topping.”

The best tree trimming services in Rochester NY are skilled in visually examining your tree and know when to make these cuts without harming the structure or health of your tree. Beyond that, here you’ll discover that there’s more to pruning cuts than simply the type. There’s also “when”!

When is the right time to prune trees?

You may not realize it, but timing is quite crucial in tree pruning. Now let’s have a look at when! 

 Late fall-Tree diseases can transfer from one infected tree to another healthy one via entangled root systems. That’s why tree pruning service is best done in the late fall and early spring when disease-carrying pests aren’t present.

Depending on your tree species, fall pruning may also potentially destroy blossoms and the leaf buds that your tree has already formed during its summer growth phase. These buds are dormant over the winter and emerge in the spring.

 Late winter/early spring pruning- Try to prune your trees during the initial bursts of growth after the winter rest. The tree’s vascular system gets to work making new year’s growth during this late-winter or early-spring period. Also, it has sufficient energy to seal off pruning cut wounds.

Now, what?!!!  

As you’ve known the essential basics of tree pruning, you can proceed with a tree pruning service. But is basic knowledge enough to start with pruning a tree that needs severe treatment?  It’s definitely not!

Only the professional tree pruning service has the best tool for cutting tree services. Being the best tree trimming services in Rochester NY, our professionals know the best time to prune trees. Contact Branch Specialists team if you have similar needs in Rochester!

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