5 Beneficial Safety Tips For DIY Tree Removal Services

5 Beneficial Safety Tips For DIY Tree Removal Services

Tree removal service is a serious undertaking. It entails dangerous risks and hazards. Fortunately, you can mitigate many of these risks by taking some precautionary steps.

Although we always recommend hiring the best tree removal services in Rochester NY for the removal of trees, there may be times when this is not possible. Here, we’ve put together some tips for safe DIY tree removal work. Make sure to follow it all to avoid any unpleasant injuries and accidents.

5 Safety Steps To Keep In Mind During Tree Removal Service

 Gear Up

Safety gear such as glasses, a hard hat, and heavy gloves can protect you during the tree removal service. It keeps you shielded from flying debris, deadly falls, cuts, and even electrocution. 

If you’re operating a chainsaw, you’ll need ear protection and safety chaps. These chaps will stop the blade immediately in case you drop the bar accidentally against your leg. It helps prevent some serious injuries. Also, as you do with any outdoor jobs, be sure to wear slip-resistant shoes and long sleeves.

 Check Power Lines

You don’t even have to touch a live wire to injure yourselves. Touching a tree limb that’s touching a wire can be enough to cause fatal accidents.

In case the tree is within 15 feet of a power line, don’t attempt to even touch the tree. First, call the electric company to insulate or turn off the line. Then only proceed with the tree removal process.

 Stick to Solid Ground

Does the tree removal job keep both of your feet firmly on the ground? If not, then don’t try the tree removal work. You can easily get into big trouble by climbing a ladder to chop off trees.

 Mark A Falling Zone

Before starting the work, estimate a falling zone around the tree. Then, mark out the space clearly and appropriately. This safety step can protect you, your working team, family members, pets, and any nearby personnel. 

We have an easy trick to estimate where a tree might land. It is called the ax-handle trick.  Hold the ax handle at your arm’s length. Then, proceed towards the tree by closing one eye. The top of the ax should be even with the treetop and the bottom with the base. Your feet will then be close to where the treetop will rest after falling. 

Always give the falling zone estimate extra space. Estimates are merely estimates. Better to be safe than sorry.

 Prepare Yourself

For the tree removal service to go smoothly, you have to be smart. Take some pain and educate yourself about your tree, your surroundings, and the weather before firing the chainsaw. 

Learn how to use the tree cutting equipment. You should know how to make notches and take off limbs in an organized way with an ax. Check the tree for any cracks and damages before working on it. Take caution with dead limbs that are broken but still attached to the tree. Or the ones that are leaning down up in other branches. Removal of such branches can be hazardous.

 Call Branch Specialists Rochester If The Tree Removal Job Seems Too Risky

Tree removal service is truly tricky and dangerous. If the safety steps are putting you in a quandary, skip the DIY attempt and call Branch Specialists Rochester. From tree assessment to removal, we assure you of superior service and top-quality work.

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