6 Tree Removal Equipment That You Must Keep Handy

6 Tree Removal Equipment That You Must Keep Handy

Trees give a wonderful feature look to your property. No artificial structure can beat the beauty of a naturally beautiful structure in your yard. While trees are utterly desirable, it can cost you thousands of dollars to put them back. Sometimes, you have a dead tree to remove, or sometimes it just troubles your yard. 

But tree removal is as easy as just taking an ax and chopping the trunk until crashes down. The best tree removal service in Rochester NY investigates your tree issue. At Branch Specialists, we use the right techniques and tree removal equipment after examining your issue. However, there is some tree removal equipment any professional or homeowner should have, as per the need. 

6 tree removal equipment that every professional/house owner needs


You can find different kinds of hacksaws and handsaws as tree removal equipment. We have the small ones to use for branches and saplings. While the larger handsaw is used by two persons to remove larger trees. As a homeowner, generally you can use a handsaw for smaller saplings and trees.  


Using an ax is traditional tree removal equipment. . But it is a workout for us. Of course, you can use an ax for all sizes of trees. But why spend all day taking down a huge tree with an ax, when the best tree removal service in Rochester NY can do it for you in no time. 

We can chop it for you at a 45-degree angle, starting from the top at first and then slowly going down to the bottom until we reach one-third of the tree. Only after that do we go on with the other side of the trunk and do the same. 


Hatches are just a smaller version of axes. Generally, they are used only for some of the smallest trees. Even a medium-sized tree is not possible to cut down with a hatchet until you want to break the hatchet. Another thing is that you only need one hand to use the hatchet.


Wedges are used to manage the direction you want the tree to fall. As professionals, we also use it to prevent the chain and bar of our chain saw from getting tensed. You may need many wedges from tree cutting and removal services for your larger tree to give the leverage to tip the chosen direction of your tree. 

  Chain Saw

You want a chain saw as tree removal equipment for heavy-duty. The best tree services in Rochester NY use for larger trees where you cannot use an option like an ax. However, you can be sure about the safety with us. Any inexperienced individual can pose a risk to it. Also, tree trimming tools and equipment like a chain saw won’t cut effectively if not used properly. 

We place the chain saw running against the wood with a light touch, and gently pressure it through the cut. 


Polesaw is a mini tree removal machine like the smaller version of a chain saw attached to a long stick. We mainly use them as tree removal equipment to cut off thicker branches at a higher position of your tree. But, you can also use them to cut smaller trees.

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At Branch Specialists, we are equipped with top-quality tree removal equipment. Our professionals are experienced experts so you can be relieved from any kind of safety risks. Your tree and stump removal services near me in Rochester end here with us. Call us now!!

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