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5 Suggestions for Perfect Tree Trimming

Trees add elegance to your landscape, but they need regular care and maintenance, tree trimming in rochester ny ensures the health and beauty of your trees. Here are a few suggestions to help you in trimming your trees.

1. Best time for tree trimming

Winter is the best time for trimming trees, as trees go dormant in winter, they heal quickly due to their energy reserves. The wounds created by trimming heal faster in the winter season.

2. Use sharp-cutting equipment 

Using blunt cutting tools makes bigger wounds, and the tree may be permanently damaged as the wounds don’t heal it may cause infection and infestations, the tools must be sterilized before cutting. To avoid any infection from spreading. 

3. Do not seal the wounds 

Never seal the wounds unless recommended by your tree surgeon for some specific reason. When the branches that are cut are kept open they tend to heal faster 

4. Percentage of cutting 

Never cut more than 25 percent from mature trees and small trees, you can safely cut up to 15 percent from smaller trees anything beyond this the tree may suffer permanent damage and not be able to recover from its wounds.

5. Take professional help 

Tree trimming is best done by professional tree trimmers, well-experienced arborists have the knowledge, experience, and needed tools to trim your trees, they will give your trees a proper trim and desired shape.

All Types of Tree-trimming and Tree-cutting Services in Rochester, NY.

Branch Specialist Rochester, NY. takes up all types of tree trimming, When you find any tree infestation or fungus growth, you can contact our tree removal service in Rochester, NY. If the problem can be fixed, we will do the necessary treatment. If the tree needs to be cut, our expert arborists, who are experienced in removing the most hazardous trees, will help you in cutting your trees with all the safety measures in place. Our company has insurance coverage and the safety of your life and property is uncompromised. We provide absolutely safe tree-cutting services in Rochester, NY.

Stump Grinding Services in Rochester, NY.

After the tree removals, it is advisable to remove the stumps too. Stumps left to decompose become a home for pests and all sorts of infestations, we remove the stumps and ensure the safety of your garden. We use stump grinders to completely grind the stumps into small wooden chips that can be utilized for mulching. Branch Specialist Rochester, NY.  in Rochester is a tree service company that provides the best quality service in Rochester, we are a team of highly skilled and proficient arborists, at Branch Specialist Rochester, NY.  we cater to all your tree service needs. For any type of tree service  call us at 585 479 3388.