You are currently viewing Top Spring Care Tips To Keep Trees Healthy and Bountiful All Year Long

Top Spring Care Tips To Keep Trees Healthy and Bountiful All Year Long

Top Spring Care Tips To Keep Trees Healthy and Bountiful All Year Long

The weather is starting to brighten up and the trees are beginning to blossom. Now you can safely say that we are finally in the midst of the cheerful spring season. As such, there could be no better time to get outside and prepare your majestic green beauties. 

For that, hire the best tree services in Rochester – Branch Specialists and give the much-needed TLC to your trees. Their professional assistance is primal in keeping plants healthy, flourishing, and thriving till the next growing season. Here is the plant care checklist to keep your garden looking its best for the upcoming months.

Spring Tree Service For Keeping Plants Healthy
Inspect Tree’s Overall Health

Ask the best tree service to check your trees for any signs of winter damage or disease. As summer approaches, your trees will be starting to flower or grow new leaves. Get all the signs inspected by the arborist in case you need to treat them before the new growth. 

Look For Summer Pests

Ask the arborists from Branch Specialists Rochester which summer pests you should look for. Each climate and tree are different. Make sure your tree is protected from all kinds of pests.

Trim Dead Branches For Keeping Plants Healthy

Some of your tree branches may have died over the cold winter. To boost new growth, trim them. Other reasons to trim trees in spring are to eliminate hazardous branches and to help fruit trees blossom. Willow and cherry trees are the two kinds that respond very well to summer tree trimming.

But make sure not to trim more than 25% of the tree’s foliage at one time. Also, ask the tree service to use sharp and clean tools to make small trimming cuts.

Water Trees Well

A valuable tip for keeping plants healthy in the spring heat is to water them well. Your trees may still be accustomed to the wetter winter weather. 

For spring watering, make sure to water the tree soil well. And remember infrequent soakings are far better than frequent sprinklings for growing trees. Check the soil’s moisture once every week. It should be about 4 to 6 inches below the surface. The soil must be moist, not overly wet.

Replenish Tree Mulch

Mulch assists the tree soil in resisting weed growth, and retaining moisture. Both of which are so vital for young growing trees in spring. Apply 3 to 4 inches of fresh mulch about 2 inches away from your tree’s base. Don’t add the mulch too closely or else it will encourage fungal growth.

Add Fertilizers 

For keeping plants healthy, apply a slow-release fertilizer before trees enter their peak growing season. This will replace the tree nutrients and shield it from disease and heat stress. It will boost the health of the soil too.

Plant New Seedlings

Spring is the time for fresh starts. Plant new trees to liven up your garden. Look for ones that are native to your area to make them thrive better. 

If you live in a hotter area, start the tree planting checklist as early as possible. With that, your newbies can establish roots before the weather warms up.

Get The Experienced Care Of Branch Specialists Rochester For Your Trees In Spring

If you need the help of licensed arborists for keeping plants healthy this spring, summer, or any season, connect with us. With our premium tree care services, we ensure the optimal health of your trees. Book an appointment with our team and spring up your trees!