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Palm Tree Trimming

The Spine-Chilling Hidden Dangers of Palm Tree Trimming

Best Tree Trimming Company in Rochester NY – Watching an arborist trimming a tree using professional equipment – we think, huh, what can go wrong here! Surely, it is way safer than an inexperienced homeowner climbing up a tree to trim it without proper gear.

Well, it turns out there is more than what meets the eye!

Professionals dealing with palm trees have a lot to worry about! Not to mention, palm trees are the riskiest trees to trim.

YES! You read that right – thanks to the unique nature of palm tree fronds. These fronds grow and shed differently compared to traditional leaves.

For this reason, it is of the essence to hire an experienced tree trimming company in Rochester NY, for palm tree trimming.

Given the danger of trimming palm trees (even for professionals), homeowners have no business trying to do it themselves. 

The Hidden Threat Of Palm Trees

The most common reason for death for palm tree trimmers is SUFFOCATION. Tree trimmers get suffocated by collapsing fronds of palm trees – even experienced arborists. Such kind of tree trimming accidents has claimed a lot of lives in the last decade.

If you look at a palm tree, you probably observe the palm fronds jutting up and outwards – looking like a crazy hairdo for the palm tree!

The weaker palm fronds droop more than their brethren – and hang downward like wet noodles. These are the type of fronds that are prone to falling and cause lethal accidents. 

Collapsing Palm Rings

The palm trees are called “unique” as their fronds remain interconnected at the base. So, if you get underneath them and start wiggling up the loose fronds, it will affect the entire frond ring.

In the worst-case scenario, the entire set of weak palm fronds can collapse together – weighing at least a hundred pounds when grouped. 

Such accidents can trap the trimmer against the palm tree, crushing their lungs and suffocating them.

It’s a grim fate indeed!

Hiring Certified Tree Trimming Service For Palm Trees Is A Must!

As you have read, palm tree trimming can be extremely dangerous. Hiring any professional tree trimming team is not just enough. Their service must be certified to trim palm trees in the city of Rochester.

Additionally, because of the frequent deaths occurring due to palm tree trimming, the city of Rochester has laid down certain safety procedures. The tree trimmers are expected to use fall protection while trimming. Also, they must use equipment that enables them to do the trimming from a spot above the fronds.

So, before hiring the tree trimming service for palm tree trimming, make sure they abide by it all.

Can Branch Specialists Rochester Be Your Optimal Choice For Palm Tree Trimming?

When it comes to trimming palm trees, our team knows the best. With years of local experience, Branch Specialists Rochester has the requisite set of skills necessary to trim palm trees safely. We will also haul the debris away.

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The next time your palm trees need trimming, make sure to hire a certified and insured company to avoid any unfortunate hazards.