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Why Must You Hire A Team of Certified Arborists To Take the Best Care of Your Trees?

Why Must You Hire A Team of Certified Arborists To Take the Best Care of Your Trees?

When you hire a tree services company in Rochester NY, you want someone that

 Expertly advise your decision

 Helps rectify the tree issue

 Leaves you with the best possible outcome for your investment

While there are many tree care companies out there that can provide you with the above, not all of them employ a certified arborist. And tree work should be done only and only by these certified tree care specialists. 

Let’s explore a little deeper about these professionals and why you must look to hire them for tree service.

What Is A Certified Arborist?

A certified arborist is someone who has achieved a lot of knowledge in the science and art of tree care. They acquire this through experience and by attending a comprehensive examination developed by leading tree care experts. 

A certified arborist continues with their education to maintain their certification. Hence, they stay up-to-date on the latest techniques in arboriculture.

The International Society Of Arboriculture (ISI) arborist license is a non-governmental and voluntary process. Individuals or tree specialists document their base of knowledge with the help of it. Thus, a certified arborist tree service shows the measurable assessment of the company’s competence required to provide tree work. 

Biggest Perks Of Hiring A Tree Care Company With Certified Arborists

An ISA-certified arborist passes standardized, industry-wide tests. They also adhere to CEU requirements to keep track of the latest science behind tree care. Thus, choosing a team of certified arborists to care for your trees is a cornerstone for their long-term health.


Arborists know to approach a task safely, whether it’s removal or pruning. They also are knowledgeable on how to keep the surrounding areas protected during the process. With their wealth of expertise, they can also help you in identifying potential problem areas. Along with that, they come up with incredible ways to prevent tree issues.

Cost Saving

A certified arborist has a thorough understanding of how to properly take care of trees to enhance their longevity. Additionally, they can instantly spot issues like diseases that may require immediate action.

Regular inspections by arborists also uncover other tree problems that could cause damage to your property. By catching all these dangerous signs early, you can avoid extensive and costly expenses to your property.

Services A Certified Arborist Provides
Tree Trimming

Trimming can be necessary for many vital reasons entailing the health, appearance, and safety of trees. A certified arborist can help decide what type of trimming your trees need as per their size and species.

Tree Removal

Consider hiring an arborist for tree removal work when –

 Tree is dead

 Trees causing an obstruction

 Trees blocking new construction

Emergency Tree Care

Removing and pruning storm-damaged trees can be hazardous. But a certified arborist can do the job safely whilst reducing further risk of damage.

Tree Planting

Get a new tree off to a healthy start with skilled arborists. They will help the tree mature to its full size. Additionally, they ensure the homeowners get to reap the benefits of the tree throughout its lifetime.

Hire The Team of Certified Arborist From Branch Specialists Rochester

From understanding the science behind their lifespan to catering to their growth, our experts will upkeep the best health of trees. With our ongoing training and extensive experience, we provide the most efficient tree care solutions. Connect with our team of arborists today!