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Tips for Taking Care of Your Trees in Winter

Many trees go dormant in winter, they experience the harshness of the winter season, it can be stressful for newly planted trees that lack the resilience of mature trees. The strong root system of mature trees gives them enough energy to withstand the winter.  If you have newly planted trees, you can take the help of a tree service company that will help you maintain your garden in the winter season.

Keep Your Trees and Plants Well-hydrated 

This is especially required if you are living in a drought-affected area, water the plants properly before the freezing temperature begins to show up. You can also use an anti-desiccant that covers the leaf with a wax coating to reduce dryness and loss of moisture. 

Mulching helps 

You can use a layer of mulch beneath the drip line, mulch prevents water evaporation, wait till the ground freezes, and then lay the mulch, mulch insulates the roots and keeps them protected.

Protect your trees from sunscald

The combination of sunlight in the day and cold windy winter nights creates cracks in the bark, you can cover the trunk of your trees with crepe paper wrap used for trees. cover the trunk to the lowest branches. This will help your trees from sunscald.

Do not let the snow pile up on trees 

Heavily piled-up snow can break the branches, it’s better to shake off the snow wherever it is possible or use a hose connected to warm water to remove the piled-up snow. 

Prune your Trees 

Get a tree service expert to inspect and prune your trees, winter is a good time to prune your trees, pruning during dormancy will prevent the disease from spreading further as the organisms also remain dormant.  Branch Specialist Rochester, NY, is a Tree Service in Rochester, NY that helps you with all the tree services you need,  Our tree trimming service in Rochester, NY does an excellent job in trimming and giving the desired shape to your trees, we trim hedges and take up regular maintenance of your trees, and hedges. 

Expert tree removals in Rochester, NY

Tree removal is a hazardous job which is why we have our arborists fully covered with insurance. Our tree experts can climb tall trees and cut them efficiently, you need equipment such as a chainsaw, spider cranes, stump grinders, and trained arborists who are experts in using this equipment. Our team will cut down your trees safely for you. We remove the stumps using stump grinders and clean up the space quickly.

land-clearing services to increase the value of your property

The Branch Specialist Rochester, NY, provides land-clearing services in Rochester, NY. our tree services are affordable, if you are planning to sell your property it is always advisable to clear it, open space appears larger compared to cluttered land, and this helps you negotiate your property for a better price. We clear your land thoroughly without any trace of rubble, for any tree care service or tree emergency, call us at 585 479 3388.

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