You are currently viewing 6 Visible Signs of a Dying Tree You Should Keep a Close Eye On
6 Visible Signs Of A Dying Tree You Should Keep A Close Eye On

6 Visible Signs of a Dying Tree You Should Keep a Close Eye On

6 Visible Signs of a Dying Tree You Should Keep a Close Eye On

The death of a tree may be sad and often unavoidable. But sometimes we can spot the signs of a dying tree early and do something to avert it. 

Given the situation, you can either call the professional arborists and nurse it back to its nest health. Or else, call up the best tree removal services in Rochester NY and get it removed before it causes any catastrophe on the property. 

Here’s a quick summary of signs of a dying tree that you must look out for. Scroll down!

Signs A Tree Is Dying

1. The Bark Is Falling Off

Just like the human body, trees have a skin which is their bark. When there is an underlying illness in the body, the human skin shows signs. Similarly, the tree bark’s condition can indicate a tree disease.

The tree bark may be flaking and peeling at times. That’s a sign that the tree is not receiving adequate nutrients. 

But the good news is that you can still save the tree by watering bare spots and tapping the tree bark on until it re-attaches. However, if the bark loss is due to a pest or disease infestation issue, you’ll have to remove that tree.

2. Rots And Fungus

If you see rot and fungus in the tree, that’s always bad news. Once you see either of them, act immediately to save the tree. But if the damage is too severe, nothing that you do can save your tree and you have to call the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY.

3. The Tree Is Starting To Lean

Unless you place the tree in that way, a leaning tree shouldn’t happen. If your tree starts to keel over all of a sudden, it’s sending signs of dead or dying roots. In such a scenario, you can never save the tree. But you can brace the tree to keep it from toppling over valuable structures.

4. Leaves

Lack of foliage in the tree is a sure giveaway that the tree is dead or is on the verge of dying. Apart from the lack of leaves if you see bare branches on either side of the tree, that indicates root damage. It could also imply that your tree has been invaded by pests or diseases. 

5. Root Damage

If your tree is experiencing any root trauma, it can die. Construction and landscaping project damage and injure tree roots. If you recently had any such projects on your property and notice that your tree is showing signs of root damage after it, call the professionals right away.

6. Brittle Branches

Are your tree branches breaking off too easily? Or did you notice a huge pile of dead branches littering the ground after windy weather? If you are facing any of these scenarios, call in an arborist to evaluate your tree ASAP. 

Brittle branches are usually dead or infested. This sign would imply that the majority of your tree is also dead. So, don’t wait till the tree falls on your property to check its stability.

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If you come across any of the signs mentioned above, don’t wait till the tree splits in half and falls over your property. Act immediately and call Branch Specialists Rochester. We can come up with a plan of action to salvage the tree or uproot it depending on the severity of the situation.

Contact us today to strengthen back the majestic vigor of your trees!