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Quick and Affordable Stump Removal in Rochester, NY

After the tree is cut, it is advisable to remove the stumps. unsightly stumps stubbornly sitting in your yard, mar the look of your landscape, these stumps if left to rot, take years to decompose. These stumps cause all sorts of infestations. There are many ways in which stump removal can be done, some of the old methods are

Digging out the stump with a digger 

This is a very primitive way of getting rid of stumps. You dig around the stump and use a root saw to cut the roots, this seems to work for smaller trees with delicate roots, moreover, it takes a lot of effort to keep dogging around the roots as the soil is bound firmly with the intricate roots. When it comes to big trees this method is pointless and time-consuming. 

Burning the stump to ashes 

Burning the stump may seem easy, but this is not the case, first, you need to check with the local government rules if you are allowed to do so, even if you are allowed to burn the stumps, it might cause safety issues, if you cannot handle the fire it may damage everything around, and after burning the stump you are left with a black ugly patch on your yard. 

Leaving it to decompose by itself 

Rotting stumps work well in the forest and abandoned homes, where infestation and smell fizzle out, but you can’t leave something to rot in a modern sophisticated ambiance, that is the reason many homeowners out rightly reject the idea of leaving the stumps to rot.  

 Using Strong Chemicals 

Chemicals can work but they need expert handling, as chemicals are dangerous, especially if you have children and pets around. You also need a good drilling machine to drill holes to pour the chemicals. Things might get messy and dangerous if not handled properly.

Stump Grinding 

Stump grinding is the most effective method of stump removal, it is very safe compared to the other methods, a stump grinder is used to grind the stumps into small wooden chips, this method is the fastest method but the heavy-duty stump grinders need to be handled by professional tree service. Branch Specialist provides excellent stump removal service in Rochester, NY. 

Efficient and Affordable Tree Stump Removal in Rochester, NY.

Our experts thoroughly examine the stumps and give you the best advice. Our tree surgeons take precautionary measures and use proper equipment to do fast and safe stump grinding. We work in a manner that causes zero damage to your property, and we clear off the debris immediately. 

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