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Quality and affordable 24/7 Tree Services in Rochester, NY

Trees add freshness to your landscape, absorb negativity, and emanate good vibes. Trees must be nurtured to give you that gorgeous garden space you have always dreamed of Tree service in Rochester, NY will guide you with planting, trimming, tree removals, and stump removal.

Branch Specialist Rochester, NY. helps you create a gorgeous garden space with low maintenance, we are a team of highly skilled arborists, and at Branch Specialist we take care of all your tree service needs and you can be assured that your trees are in expert hands. 

Affordable Tree Trimming Services in Rochester, NY

Our professional arborists trim your trees perfectly, they use the latest equipment and sharp and sterilized tools, to prevent any permanent damage to your trees. Cutting too much of the branches or using infected or blunt instruments causes infection, and the wounds don’t heal. Our arborists ensure that your trees remain in perfect health in every season and we test the soil and control the weeds. 

Tree Removals in Rochester, NY

Cutting trees involves hazardous activity, and that’s why our arborists are covered with insurance, they are well-equipped and experienced to handle sharp tools to cut trees, and many times cutting trees involves using these sharp tools at heights while balancing their weight on the tree. We minimize the risk and our well-trained arborists, follow methods that cut the risk and make it a safe process. We use harnesses and protective gloves to prevent accidents and cut tall trees step by step rather than cutting them at one go, risking lives.

Quick and Safe Stump Removal in Rochester, NY

After cutting trees, remove the stumps to prevent regrowth and other recurring problems. unsightly stumps in your yard make your outdoors look untidy, these stumps if left to rot on their own, take many years to decompose. They become a comfortable place for pests for all sorts of infestations, we remove the stumps using the quickest and safest method and ensure the safety of your garden. We use stump grinders to completely grind the stumps into small wooden chips that can be utilized for mulching. If not, it can be hauled away safely.

Affordable Land-Clearing Services at Rochester, NY

Branch Specialist Rochester NY offers affordable tree service in Rochester, NY. We also provide the most efficient land-clearing services, clearing your land and making it impeccable without any trace of debris, clearing unwanted hardscape structures, and removing all dead trees and stumps, we also take up emergency clearing after storms, in Rochester, NY, and other adjoining areas. We are fully insured and help you file for any claims due to damage.