How & Why you can Properly Remove Tree Stumps and Trees From Your Property?

How & Why you can Properly Remove Tree Stumps and Trees From Your Property?

We become very forgetful way too much when it comes to tree stump removal. After cutting down a tree, we just become least bothered about the ungrounded stump of the tree until it causes harm to us. But in recent times, people are actively showing interest in stump removal services to ensure they do not receive any harm from the stumps. 

Tree stump removal service works mainly in two ways. You can choose either complete removal of the tree stump from your property or go for stump grinding. Both the practices have their own merits and demerits.

But before proceedings to merits and demerits, let us know what stump grinding and stump removal are.

Stump Grinding

In stump grinding, your local tree removal service uses heavy machinery like a grinding saw to ground the tree stump into the soil by at least 2 inches to ensure it couldn’t harm anyone.

Suppose your tree stump or tree is huge, and you cannot use enough force to remove it from your property due to location or your property’s architecture. In that case, you should go for stump grinding.

Stump Removal

On the other hand, tree removal service uses cranes, heavy machinery, mechanical and diesel-powered saws, safe pyro-techniques and chemicals to remove a tree stump from the ground.

In this method, the stump removal service completely uproots the tree stump from the ground or ensures it gets dissolved into the soil.

Now, let us check the advantages and disadvantages of both processes.

Stump Grinding Vs. Stump Removal

In stump grinding, the tree stumps are buried at least 2 to 4 inches under the ground to ensure it gets disintegrated by nature over time and does not cause any harm to you, your family, or your property.

Stump grinding methods can be applied over trees that don’t grow back from their stem. In many tree species, the root systems can stay active for years after the tree is chopped down.

In the tree removal process, the tree stumps are completely uprooted from the ground by powerful cranes or just by employing force to dig out a tree stump from the ground. In this process, the tree loses all of its chances to grow back. But you will experience a deep hole in your property, and you need to take care of that.

One of the best tree stump grinding companies in Rochester, New York, the Branch Specialists always suggest tree stump removal. They will not only clear the area afterward but also help you fill the void in your property caused by their services.

Due to the difficulties in location access or architecture of the property, the tree removal service couldn’t use heavy-duty machinery for the stump removal process. 

The stump removal services can opt for safe pyro-techniques or organic methods in those instances.

For pyro-techniques, the experts dig small holes into the tree stump, fill them with chemicals or nitrogen-enriched fertilizers, and light it up. The tree stump goes into flames, and your problem gets solved.

In the organic method, the stump removal services dig holes into the stump and use organic compost or mulches to fill them up and cover the stump with plastics to keep the process uninterrupted. This way, your tree stump will disintegrate by mother nature over time.

What if you decide to keep the tree stump?

If you think keeping a tree stump in your backyard is fine, let us inform you about its consequences. 

It can shelter and harbor pests, stray animals, and even snakes, and termites. The active root system can damage your property from underneath the ground and reduce your property’s value. And obviously, you or your family members can come across it and get injured.


So, if you have an ungrounded stump waiting for a stump removal service, contact Branch Specialists. Our experts will help you out swiftly and professionally. We always provide a free quote before starting so you don’t have to worry about the costs. 

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