How To Prep Up Your Summer Yards By Eliminating Eyesore Stumps?

How To Prep Up Your Summer Yards By Eliminating Eyesore Stumps?

The bright sunny days are back again. That calls for precious outdoor times with your family and loved ones. 

But don’t let those pesky tree stumps lie at the center of your yards and ruin the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Call Branch Specialists – the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY  and eliminate them today.  We will clear up your space in no time and will plant another lively sapling in its place.

Here’s what their skilled arborists do for your summer yards – and you can do it too! 

Livening Up The Yards For Summer After Removing Tree Stump And Roots
1. Welcoming New Green

Once the stump grinding service completes its work, you can plant a new green in its place. That could be a tree, a flower bed, or a vegetable garden and make your yard all gaily. 

2. Reseed The Lawn

Spring provides adequate moisture and fresh air to support the growth of new turf. So, after removing tree stumps and roots, you can reseed the place. The green spring and warm summer can make the bare spots thrive once again.

3. Cleaning Up Debris

Stump removal leaves behind a lot of debris. Branch Specialists Rochester can clean it all up to make your lawn spotless. 

Remember, cleaning up the stump removal debris is quite essential as grass cannot grow back on such wood chips. 

4. Adding Soil

After you’re done cleaning, fill the hole with high-quality topsoil. Pack that up with a handkerchief, hammerhead, or with your foot. 

5. Seed The Area

Sow the new grass seeds on a smooth and flat area. Once the seed has fallen to the ground, rake it to the top floor gently. Make sure not to bury the seed too deep. You should aim to only cover it. 

6. Deep Water It

Water the area deep until the grass sets up. If the area is dry, the grass will not thrive once it sprouts. But don’t overwater it as it will wash away the seeds. 

Ideally, the water should reach between 4 to 6 inches deep into the soil. Also, the lawn should have at least 1 inch of water each week to preserve itself. 

7. Fertilize The Grass

Fertilizing plays a vital role in the summer lawn care schedule. By fertilizing the turf, you can promote healthier, more lush-looking grass in just a few weeks.

To fertilize the new turf, use a slow-release fertilizer. Pick a day that’s not too windy. Also, make sure there’s no rain on the day you’re fertilizing to keep the nutrient in its right position. 

8. Treat For Pests

Insects and pests come out in full force in summer. So, keep a close eye on the common ones like June Bug, European Chafer, and Japanese Beetle. They munch up on new grass, cause wilting, and leave bare patches. 

Apply preventative grub control to keep them away from your yard. If left untreated, they lay eggs that hatch into grubs and start feasting on your turf.

Get Your Yards Ready For Summer

Before the summer fully sets in, remove all unsightly stumps from the yard and make a place for new, bright plants. Apart from landscaping, left-behind stumps are also a hindrance to your kid’s outdoor playtimes. You never know when they trip over such stumps and injure themselves. 

So, without further ado, hire the best professionals from Branch Specialists Rochester today!

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