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Gardening is Easy and Affordable by Tree Services in Rochester, NY

If you love gardening but maintenance bothers you, Branch Specialist Rochester, NY. Our Tree Service in Rochester will help you with complete care and Maintenance of your trees, right from planting, trimming, tree removals, and stump grinding.

Branch Specialist Rochester, NY  is a tree service company that provides premium service, we are a team of highly experienced and proficient arborists, at Branch Specialist Rochester, NY we take care of all your tree service needs and exceed your expectations every time.

Expert Tree Trimming Services in Rochester, NY

Trimming and pruning trees are best done by professional arborists, Professionals use modern equipment and sharp and sterilized tools, that prevent damage to your trees, and they recover fast. Cutting must be quick and crisp blunt instruments to cut may damage your trees, and cause diseases to spread through unhealed wounds. Our team ensures that your trees remain healthy every season and we do the soil testing and weed control. 

Professional Tree Removal in Rochester, NY

For any kind of tree removal, you need expert help, to save time, money, and give you peace of mind. when you are tending your trees if you find tree infestation or fungus growth, you can contact our tree removal service in Rochester, NY

If the trouble can be fixed, we will do it for you. If the tree needs to be cut, our expert arborists who are experienced in removing the most hazardous trees will help you in removing your trees with all the safety measures in place. We work with general liability and professional insurance and your safety is our priority.

Safe Stump Removal

After the tree cutting, it is advisable to remove the stumps. Unsightly stumps in your yard make your outdoors look disorganized, these stumps if left to rot on their own, take several years to decompose. These stumps can further become a home for pests and all sorts of infestations, we remove the stumps and ensure the safety of your garden. We use stump grinders to completely grind the stumps into small wooden pieces that can be used for mulching. If not, it can be hauled away safely from your residence.

Land-clearing services in Rochester, NY

Branch Specialist Rochester, NY provides quick and affordable tree service in Rochester, NY. We also provide the best land-clearing services, clear your land completely with no trace of rubble, clear old unwanted hardscape structures, and remove all dead trees and stumps, we also do emergency clearing after storms, and we are fully equipped with the required manpower and necessary equipment in case of any tree emergency, in Rochester, NY, and other adjoining areas. We are just a call away from you, we are insured and work closely with the insurance companies to fix any claims due to damage, for any tree service or tree emergency, call us at 585 479 3388

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