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Best Stump Grinding Services in Rochester NY

4 Easy Ways To Repurpose Stump Grinding Debris

Cleared off the tree stump? Now all you’re left behind is a pile of grinding debris.

But what can you do with the heap of stump grindings debris? 

First and foremost, decide if you want to toss the debris in the garbage or want to repurpose them.

Once done deciding, next, you need to figure out who will collect the wood chips.

Will the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY collect the wood grinding chips for you?

Cleaning the stump debris is no fun. Well, the good part is that if you had hired the best stump grinding company in Rochester NY, they would have taken care of the cleaning work.

However, some companies do not cover the cleaning cost within the tree stump removal cost. So, make sure to check the company’s price estimate.

Branch Specialists dispose of the wood chips within the stump removal Rochester cost. 

Don’t want to throw them? Then, look out how the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY repurposes stump debris. You can try one!

Best Stump Grind Services in Rochester NY: Ways They Repurpose Stump Debris

The stump grindings debris can be put to work in your garden. Read below to know how to do it –

  • Use the stump grindings debris as mulch

If you’re not sure about what to do with the debris after Rochester tree stump removal – the best answer is to turn it into mulch.

This is how the best stump grinding services in Rochester NY, commonly use leftover stump grind.

The stump grind chips make excellent mulch. This mulch helps to insulate the soil, retain soil’s moisture and keep a check on weeds. 

How to turn stump grind into mulch?

First, inspect the stump grind and make sure it is free of grass. If they aren’t, remove it all. Then, take the stump grind and spread them evenly around your trees. 

Put a layer of 3-6 inches thick depending on the size of the tree. Smaller plants need less mulch and larger trees require 6 inches of mulch. As soon as the grindings start decomposing, top up the mulch. 

This process needs to be done every three months. 

  • Turn stump grind into composting material

Wood chips make an excellent composting material. Thus, making compost out of them is the best choice. Then, you can use it in your garden as a natural fertilizer. 

Add them to your existing compost pile along with other organic waste. Turn the compost pile now and then to speed along the decomposition process. 

  • Use the Stump Grind To Fill In The Stump Hole

The best stump grinding services in Rochester NY have a clever way to hide the unappealing stump hole after grinding it with a home depot stump grinder.

They fill the hole left with stump grindings. Then, they top it off with topsoil. 

  • Turn It Into A Ground Cover For Dog Run

Most homeowners use wood chips to make a ground cover for dog runs. These ground covers keep the dirt at bay.

So, if you have got a dog, it is a way to go with stump grindings debris. 

Got a Hideous Tree Stump? Hire Branch Specialists – The Best Stump Grinding Services in Rochester NY

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