6 Most Common Type of Services Professional Tree Care Companies Provides

6 Most Common Type Of Services Professional Tree Care Companies Provides

Like humans, trees also require constant maintenance and nurturing. Without adequate care, they eventually wither and die. They might also fall susceptible to diseases, decrease fruit production or degrade timber quality.

Hence, for a tree to thrive, you need to employ the best tree services in Rochester NY. A professional tree service is adept in all forms of tree care and nurturing. You can get tons of services depending on what your tree needs. Here are some of the most popular services the tree maintenance companies provide. 

Professional Tree Service Related To Health And Safety

 Tree Cabling

If you have a tree branch that is looking out of place or is growing at odd angles, then you get tree cabling service. Tree cabling is a very straightforward process. The professional tree service will drill holes in the tree limb that needs support and a stronger limb that can withstand the added stress.

Then, the bracing rod or cable is cut and inserted through the holes and secured. A pulley system pulls the two limbs together to ensure proper support and safety. Tree cabling is most effective when performed as soon as the first warning signs appear.

 Stump Grinding

In stump grinding, the professional tree service performs safe and efficient stump removal. With this service, you can use the area where the stump was once for a different purpose.

The tree service company uses a high-tech, professional stump grinder to mechanically uproot the whole stump. The machine consists of a steel cutting wheel and a hydraulic controlled arm. With the help of the wheels, the arborists cut through and grind the tree stump.

 Soil Management

Soil comprises water, air, minerals, and organic matter. The professional tree service balances these soil compositions and boosts the quality of the soil. They keep your soil healthy which in turn creates healthy roots and trees. 

Professional Tree Service Related To Care And Maintenance

 Tree Trimming 

Tree trimming is vital to boost your tree’s health, stimulate growth and retain its natural appearance. This tree cares task involves a deep knowledge of tree biology. One has to efficiently recognize the plant flaws and skilfully eliminate them without hindering the tree’s normal growth.

 The professional tree service is trained to masterfully trim and aesthetically shape trees. With their tree trimming service, you can magnify the beauty of your trees and achieve your landscape goals.

 Tree Removal 

Tree removal service eliminates hazardous trees from the property. It keeps your property, yard, and family safe. 

Qualified tree arborists are experts in taking down trees safely and efficiently. They assess the following points before removal:

 The height of the tree

 Nearby obstacles such as your home, car, power lines, or a neighbor’s property

 Rotting limbs that can fall during the removal process

 Equipment needed for the job

After inspecting all the above factors, they decide on a technique and proceed with the work. 

 Insect And Disease Management 

A professional tree service company periodically monitors trees for signs of pest infestation. If they find out any signs, they immediately provide treatment to restore your green lives to their optimum health.

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